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 AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) 

The AVID class is a regular elective within the school day. AVID focuses on students who have the potential to go to college and once there, be successful.  If accepted into the AVID program, a commitment every year of high school is made. 

AVID is for students who are:

  • hardworking, but may need extra support
  • achieving grades of Bs, Cs, or Ds, but  who are motivated to be more successful 
  • interested in college and fulfilling the necessary A-G requirements
  • looking to take AP and Honors classes
  • often first generation college students
  • often looking to exit an ELD program and excel in college level classes

An average week in the AVID class consists of 

  • Tutorials: small group who work with a peer or college tutor to help them better understand their academic curriculum. 
  • AVID curriculum: strategies for writing, inquiry, collaboration, and reading.  
  • Socratic Seminars: student led discussions similar to what goes on in many colleges with a goal of better understanding a topic  through listening and speaking strategies.  
  • Teambuilding exercises: helps students learn to collaborate with each other.
  • Guest speakers: teaches students about potential careers, colleges, study habits, life plans and college preparation.

AVID also takes 1-2 field trips a year to visit colleges and universities. 

AVID focuses on organization.  Students are required to:

  • Keep an organized 3-ring binder for all their classes
  • Take Cornell notes or keep learning logs everyday in their academic classes: Cornell notes were developed by a professor a  Cornell University and are an excellent way to process the enormous amount of information the students receive in their academic classes.  Learning logs are designed to help the student reflect on the lesson of the day to better instill it in their memory.  
  • Closely monitor their grades in those classes with assignment logs: Grade checks are taken to classes and brought home to parents frequently to help monitor progress.  Assignment logs help students keep track of their grades and allow students to calculate their own grades any time they want.  

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